2 Piano Keyboard

Although this course does not include keyboard performance (e.g., learning to play the piano), familiarity with the keyboard will greatly enhance and make easier the study of music theory. Notice the blank keyboard at the top of each page in this ebook.  It is there to help you visualize concepts that will be presented.  Now look at the set of outside links in the footer of this page.  There is a link to a virtual keyboard that you can “play” and hear the various pitches.  You must be at a computer in order to use that tool.

As you go to the right on the keyboard, the pitches go up. Conversely, as you go to the left the pitches go down.


Notice the pattern of black keys in alternating groups of twos and threes spanning the entire keyboard. This pattern will serve as an orientation for the location and letter names of all notes.

The note “C” is always the note immediately left of the group of two black keys.
The note “F” is always the note immediately left of the group of three black keys.

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Middle C” is the C located closest to the center of the keyboard.


Learn to recognize quickly the letter names for the appropriate white keys on the piano keyboard.
Online drills:

 Note-able: Keyboard
This is a link to a (printable) reference sheet that has a keyboard with note names.